At Pathways Consultancy we help you to find your pathway to professional and personal success through our unique blend of coaching and training. We work with clients to find the right pathway to effective management of diversity.

Our ethos is based on fairness, integrity and a belief that all human beings have the capacity to improve their performance with appropriate interventions and support.

Emua Ali (PhD), (principal consultant) has over 20 years of experience of working with adults as a trainer, counsellor, lecturer and group facilitator. Emua's background includes 13 years of working as an Equalities Advisor in the NHS and local government. She is also a lay member of the Employment Tribunals. She works with organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors both locally and nationally.

Clients have included the prison service, police service, Lewisham NHS Primary Care Trust, National Children's Home, immigration service, small businesses, voluntary sector organisations, Department of Health, local authorities, schools, National Children's Bureau, Sure Start, the Prince's Trust, and Middlesex University.

Areas of Expertise Include:
Business Coaching
Personal Coaching
Diversity Management
Policy Development
Equality & Diversity Action Planning
Human Resource & Equalities Management
Management of Change
Action Learning Sets
Training of Trainers
Training & Development
Project Evaluation
Positive Action Training
Assertiveness Training
Personal Effectiveness Training

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